Body Suit

Oxygen Concentrator
10 Lts
Body Suit
AA101 with blue seam tape
Breathable & Washable Suit
Blue color with blue seam tape

Aayou offers :


O2 Concentrators:10 Lts.

SITRA Certified Protection Suit to fight against Corona Virus.

Full Body Coverall is made of 70 GSM light weight, temperature friendly fabric. Two models are available.


1. AA202 without seam

2. AA101 with blue seam tape

2. Face shield
3. Gloves
4. Head cover
5. Shoe cover
6. Three Ply mask
7. Goggles with elastic
8. N95 Mask
9. Washable dust mask
10. Hand Sanitizer (70% Alcohol or Herbal)
11. Disposable Bed sheet and pillow cover (20 GSM)
12. Mortuary Body Bags.